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Cover Letter Conundrum

Employees and recruiters care a lot about first impressions. One way to impress is through a well-executed cover letter that demonstrates your interest in the role and your transferable skillset. Writing a cover letter might seem daunting or even unnecessary, but we’ve put together a recipe to help you write a perfect cover letter, quickly.


  • Research
  • Relevant Experience
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Spelling and grammar checker
  • Friend or family member


Step 1: Research the company

Spend some time on the ‘Careers’ section of the company’s website. Try and gauge exactly what the ideal candidate looks like and most importantly, whether you think you’d like to work there and why. Some organisations look for outstanding leaders, others for innovative and creative people.

Step 2: Paragraph 1

Introduce yourself. Sound confident in your skills but not arrogant. Outline your education and touch on your good grades. Avoid starting your cover letter with “My name is John Smith and I am…”. The person reading already knows your name so there’s no need for a formal introduction. Instead, get stuck into the qualities you have that will make you a great candidate for the company. It could be that you are ambitious or that you have great organisational skills. Think back to your research and consider the attractive traits you possess that the company is seeking.

Step 3: Paragraph 2

Discuss your most recent relevant job. Explain your main responsibilities and the skills you have learnt from the job and how they will apply to the next role. Finally, it’s time to demonstrate to the employer that you can excel in the role. The most concrete evidence of your ability to excel is to state a significant achievement.

Step 4: Paragraph 3

Repeat ‘Step 3’ and discuss your second most recent role

Step 5: Paragraph 4

Finish your cover letter by demonstrating your interest in the vacancy. What is it about the company that has drawn you to it? How will you fit into the work culture? What awards has the company won? Do you like that the company is large/small, an industry leader or a company with corporate social responsibility?

Step 6: Spell and Grammar Check

Phone a friend and have them review your cover letter for spelling and grammatical errors.

Step 7: Send

Make sure you’ve addressed your cover letter to the right person. Send the letter and enjoy your interview. Refer to for insider tips on how to interview well.

Step 8: Stay tuned for tips on how to write a killer CV.

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