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5 Ways To Stay Positive At Work

Here are Curtis Partnership we have compiled 5 useful tips to come in handy next time you’re feeling a bit bogged down in your daily grind at work.

1. Take A Break:

  • Take regular breaks. Studies have proven that short, intermittent breaks can reduce emotional exhaustion and increase work satisfaction
  • Breaks help re-set and re-focus goals
  • Breaks allow for work at an optimum level

 2. Smile:

  • Smiling, even when you’re not feeling great, will make you feel better and more positive. It can lift a bad mood and even make you feel happiness and enjoyment!
  • It has been scientifically proven that smiling helps reduce stress and can even make you more productive.
  • The more you smile, the more you are training your brain to think positively.

 3. Leave your work at work:

  • If you are constantly taking work home with you, it will make you feel like you are never getting a real break. This can ultimately lead to unproductivity the next time you are at work. It is ok to protect your personal life. It is important to have time to yourself, your family your friends and your interests. Work is one part of your life but it is not your entire life and it does not define you. It is important we keep that in perspective.

 4. Talk to your colleagues:

  • Build relationships with your colleagues. You do not have to be their best friend; however, it makes your working environment nicer and more positive when you can have a casual chat about the weekend, your colleagues’ hobbies etc. Having a welcoming community around you at work will also make you feel more supported and open.

 5. Be grateful:

  • Being grateful and thankful for everything good in your life helps you stay happier and positive, no matter where you are throughout the day. Even hard times can be blessings as they help you appreciate the good times even more. Writing daily affirmations or reminders can help you stay on track. For example: ‘I am grateful I have a job that I enjoy’ ‘I am grateful I have a supportive team’ etc.

These tips can act as a useful guide on how to stay positive at work. If you need, speak with your Manager who may be able to delegate some work to other team members or find another solution to assist you.

This article was written by Nadine Vaughan, Recruitment Manager at Curtis Partnership.

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